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They call me Shepherd
Loyalty determination, obedience, courage and the desire to protect. My name is Cinna Davis. I am the Shepherd. I'm an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D Level Four. And I'm one of the best at what I do. I may not look it; The smile, the bubbly personality, fools a lotta folks. But I guess you'll just have to test me then won't you? Best watch yourself, dogs like me have a tendency to bite...
You {said} You
 «weren’t good for me»
but when I {said} I’d follow you anywhere
Hell WAS on the list

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Cinna squeaked as he pushed her against the wall. His lips on hers a moment later and she froze at first. Caught totally off guard by him. His chest pressed against her, her heart pounding wildly and slowly, her arms slid up around his neck to brush her fingers through his hair and kiss him back warmly.

Send me § and my muse will react to yours pushing them against a wall and kissing them.

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who wants to rp on skype? Mnot really feeling the tumblr vibe today.







I really don’t care what kind of blogs you have, This deserves a reblog

man the last image really got me..

The second to last really killed me.

A simple thing we see frequently on the Internet being put into the perspective of real life.

The last one put me to tears all I can think is my grandpa and how much I miss him

I don’t advocate war but the I have a lot of love for the victims of it. These put things into perspective.

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Kuwabara X Yukina

(Holy Crap my feels: With probably guest appearances from annoyed secret brother Hiei)

Give me a ship and I’ll tell you:

  • Who cooks: Kazuma, surprisingly. Thought there are times when Yukina will have something already made for him when he shows up.
  • Who does the laundry and other chores: Yukina, because she enjoys it, but Kazuma tries to help all the time.
  • How many children do they have: ….. Not at liberty to discuss. (Mainly because Hiei would kill whoever got his sister pregnant, regardless of if they”re married or not.)
  • Who’s more dominate: Neither, they’re both shy little dorks who love eachother.
  • Favorite nonsexual activity: Spending the day talking and having tea. Yukina watches him train, and sometimes he naps next to her while she reads.
  • Their favorite place to be together: Genkai’s temple, Yusuke’s noodle shop, the beach at the edge of Genkai’s property.
  • Any traditions: Going to the beach with everybody.
  • Their “song”: I dunno actually o-o
  • What they do for each other on holidays: Give gifts and kisses  *is stabbed by Hiei*
  • Where did they go for their honeymoon: A ski resort. Becasue Yukina wanted to see it.
  • Where did they first meet: In Tarukane’s compound whilst trying to rescue her.
  • Any pets: Yukina takes care of Pu, becasue he’s too big to live with Yusuke in the City, so stays at the temple.
  • What do they fight over: They fight?
  • Do they go on vacations, if so where: Anywhere Kuwabara can afford to take her, he wants her to see the good the human world has to offer.
“I turned out liking you a lot more then I originally planned.”

*kisses your cheek* we mostly just fight over each other since that’s what drives us most crazy. We have a German Shepherd, Parker & we have lots of songs but some of my favorites are Always - Bon Jovi, Faithfully - Journey & All of Me - John Legend

Ooooh, okay! ^^ *hugs*


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