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They call me Shepherd
Loyalty determination, obedience, courage and the desire to protect. My name is Cinna Davis. I am the Shepherd. I'm an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D Level Four. And I'm one of the best at what I do. I may not look it; The smile, the bubbly personality, fools a lotta folks. But I guess you'll just have to test me then won't you? Best watch yourself, dogs like me have a tendency to bite...
Mountain Storm

The wind in the mountains howled louder and more fiercely than a pack of wolves. Making her shiver even with her thick coat. These winds had taken their toll and this journey had been long difficult. The canine was exhausted, and cold, and very much hungry.  Though he had been able to store some lemmings she’d caught along the way, in the pouch she kept strapped to the side of her harness. A gift from an old friend who had made it for her. 

Lifting her nose to the air, the dog could tell a storm would be coming, and she could not weather it alone in the mountains all night. Not out in the open.

It didn’t take long for her to find a cave, sniffing every inch of it—as caves in the mountains were seldom unoccupied. Finding it empty, she settled down and went about the area, finding wood and things. She was new to making fires, and had only managed it once. But with the storm blowing in and it being so cold, she knew she needed to learn. Dry grass usually caught fire easily, and she started by raking rocks against the cave floors to create sparks. But it was not going so well, and as night fell and the cave got colder, things weren’t looking up.

“every time you
tell your daughter
you yell at her
out of love
you teach her to confuse
anger with kindness
which seems like a good idea
till she grows up to
trust men who hurt her
cause they look so much
like you.”

- to fathers with daughtersrupi kaur (via perfect)


"What do all the little gray blobs want from me…?"


"If I told you that, you’d be traumatized. Your pure and honorable teen mind couldn’t handle the perversion of the blobs." Not that she was much older than he was, but still. 













Reason why I hate cats. They’re so scary.


All the fucking time. People have their pets euthay did something to their kid who fuem or pulled on their tail or got in their fathing. Here’s a better idea: WACKING KID WHEN THEY’RE AROUND Aanks.


But this? Well, tarn, isn’t it?

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I’ll bet that littln’t touch the n right?

and OP is a fuckiing to blame the ending itself when the kid SMACKET IN THE HEAD.

ThURTS for a little cat. I’d lack too.


is this supposed to be readable or am i missing something

Did I just switch channels or something what language is this

Oh thank god it’s not just me

*sobbing* what the fuck is happening

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What the hell

Oh my god I thought it was just meee. I’ve seen this post before though so I know what it says

Fusillade //snipingshepherd


He didn’t have to hear much to already get a fairly good idea on what happened. And more importantly, whom it had involved. A big firefight had broken out last night. The reporters, April included, didn’t know how the skirmish broke out or how long it lasted. She even called to ask if the turtles had any clue as to what could have possibly happened. The warehouse where it had taken place had been utterly destroyed and investigators, police, and nosy onlookers were already on the scene. The building was nothing but rubble and ash now.

Out of the very few eye witnesses there were, they had all said something about a little boy. And a woman. All fingers pointed to Foot activity.

Leo headed out, with a sinking, dark feeling lumbering around in his stomach. If this had anything to do with who he thought it did. It’d be a long agonizing night. For the both of them.

Now making his way back to the place he had found her previously, he mentally and thoroughly prepared himself for what might happen and what he was getting himself into. Call it a sixth sense, but he knew she’d be there. In her domain. Leo had figured she wouldn’t want to be bothered, but he needed to speak with her. Help her. See her, at least. Just to know if she was alright, to see if she was injured. Leo stalked around in the dank alleyways searching, for what seemed to be forever. Until he heard it. The muffled sobbing of the mystery woman.

The night had been a haze of chaos, and bloodshed. It had ended with fire.

And one, jarring, casualty. 

The turtle could see blood, rather thick spots of it, all trailing to the back of the alley, into the darkness where it pooled. She was injured, and had just stopped the bleeding without too much loss. She’d be fine…

The woman crouched on the ground, her clothes were torn, she was covered in soot and scrapes, her arms had blood trailing sluggishly down it in streams, dripping onto the asphalt. Her golden hair was a mess, singed and filthy, she’d already removed her contacts. To keep her eyes from being irritated from the ash, and her own tears. Their natural color was pale blue.

That one moment, she recalled, more clearly than anything. She’d underestimated her enemy—had gone in unprepared for who was there, and it had resulted in her being overwhelmed. She made for escape, not realizing the commotion inside, had sparked a gas leak that eventually blew all the pipes and destroyed the warehouse.

A group of pursuers followed her outside, and she hid behind a portion of a wall, not knowing someone else was walking near by—he couldn’t have been more than nine years old. Jackie new the enemy was just around the corner of her hiding place, poised to shoot. She had been looking for people coming to sneak up behind her and had bumped into the boy, accidentally—who’d been running scared from all the commotion.Her body slamming into his, made him stumble back and forced out of cover. The Foot opened fired on the first thing they saw move, and the child was dead before he even hit the ground. Miss Jackson disappeared in that moment, and the grief, and pain that belonged to the Other took over. Guilt. As much as she wanted to stay—she couldn’t, or risk being killed. All she could manage was to move the little boy’s body somewhere it wouldn’t be disturbed. She covered him with a tarp nearby, and the police found him once she fled the scene. 

She didn’t even hear Leonardo at first, until he came closer and her sobbing was silenced.

"What do you want?” If he was here to say ‘I told you so’ she would shoot him. She wouldn’t even hesitate. The assassin was in no mood to play the ‘Justice’ games of his.

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"True, can’t argue with that logic can I?" Jack waited as he watched her throw the snow ball right at his face. He took a step back from the force, shaking his head to get the snow out. He couldn’t help but chuckle as he wiped his hand over his face. "Gotta admit that was a pretty good shot. Now it’s my turn." Jack shook his head as he watched her take shelter. It probably wasn’t fair that he could fly, but really they never said anything about any rules. So technically it can’t be called cheating could it? He glided up in the air, before going behind her shelter and landing down right in front of her. He threw the snow ball at her face, giving off a laugh. "Can’t hide from me," he said proudly. 

Cinna looked up and gasped as a snowball landed on her head and she glared through the snow at him. Smirking a bit, “Hey! Flying ain’t fair!” She snapped and threw two his way, hoping to land some blows before she took off again to try and cover herself and come up with a strategy to land the most hits. But really, she was just enjoying messing around in the snow.

Cinna hopped up on a low hanging branch of a tree and climbed up into it, to get a better vantage point to throw snowballs. She didn’t have as much access to them up here though, but she had quite a few in her pockets to use.

"C’mon Jack—let’s see what you got."


"I’ll jus’ leave the same way I came in."He was plotting his route out, and was caught with his guard down at the touch to his arm, and the kiss to his cheek. He gazed at her, eyes darting away evasively for a moment, because he was honestly confused. He wasn’t really sure how to react, or what she meant, but a churr escaped his throat, and he gazed at her contemplatingly, eyes studying her face, studying her eyes and her nose and her lips, her red face and her messy hair. His glanced down to her clothes, they were loose on her, but he could still make out the contour of her curves, and that was the last drop.

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"Who’s there…?" Cinna turned and drew her gun, uneasy by herself, expecially at this time of night. And whoever was slinking about in the dark was making her more wary.

"Come out."